fren+590 06 90 73 13 88
Business Center, Bât. B, rue Henri Becquerel, 97122 Baie-Mahault
fren+590 06 90 73 13 88
Business Center, Bât. B, rue Henri Becquerel, 97122 Baie-Mahault
The firm

Who are we ?

The practice assists companies and individuals in tax, business and customs law.

We offer tailor-made advisory and litigation services.

The practice also boasts unique expertise in the legal and tax specificities of overseas France (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion Island, Mayotte, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna).

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Business Individuals and Managers

Tax disputes

Property tax
Council tax


Overseas tax credits and reductions

Contestation des saisies et mise en demeure

Non-judicial proceedings


Company formation

(choice of corporate form and tax regime, drafting of articles of association, formalities)

Commercial litigation

Company restructuring

Holding company formation


General terms and conditions of sale


Octroi de mer

Customs criminal law

Import VAT

Assistance with customs control

Undeclared imports

Excise duties
(duty on alcohol, tobacco, energy products)

What we can do for you

Adapting to your needs

Peaceful litigation

Advise you, defend you and keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Advice to anticipate

Whether you’re an individual or a company, our advisory services help you understand and anticipate the legal and tax implications of your project.

Secure your contractual relations

We put in place the legal tools needed to strengthen your company’s legal security.


We put in place the legal tools needed to strengthen your company’s legal security.



Trust is at the heart of the attorney-client relationship. That’s why we keep you informed of the progress of your case. We can also be reached by e-mail or telephone to answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible.

Competence and expertise

We are committed to achieving and maintaining competence and expertise in all areas of the firm’s practice by investing in continuing education and legal research, to constantly improve our legal knowledge. This commitment enables us to offer our clients precise, high-quality legal advice.


We tailor our consultations and advice to suit your needs, offering appointments at our offices, by videoconference, at your company’s headquarters or at home. We also offer written consultations and visualization, according to your needs.

Reviews of those who have chosen us


  • Excellent 1st appointment. A pedagogical approach and clear advice

    Nadja EUGENE
  • Leilla helped me with my family SCI, she was very patient with me being in another country. She explained everything very well. I recommend Leila as a lawyer and will consult her again.

    Laura LADINE
  • Warm welcome, competence. Very pleasant interview.
    If we need her again, we’ll have no problem recommending her to our friends and family.

    Charlotte HAUTEFEUILLE
  • Maître LECUSSON is a lawyer who guides and listens to her clients. Her expertise in tax law and her in-depth understanding of your legal situation are a real help to the uninitiated.
    I can’t thank her enough for her pragmatism and availability, and highly recommend her to you.

    Tessa BRETER
  • A very good lawyer who listens to her clients.
    Faustine BOISDUR
  • Maître Leila LÉCUSSON,
    Thank you for your professionalism.
    I would like to thank you again for your work. I will not hesitate to recommend you for your services because you are a competent and attentive lawyer.

  • Maître Lécusson is always ready to listen to her customers. She has a wealth of technical knowledge and is able to give useful, pragmatic advice. Thank you for your help, and I’ll be sure to get back to you on other matters.
    Nadia B
  • Thanks to Maître LECUSSON for his professionalism and availability. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge, I was able to make the best decisions for my company.